Semi-final: Athlete Quotes


USA Third Tom Violette after their 9-4 win over New Zealand said: "That's about as well as we can play, lead through skip. Quite honestly, that was our best game of the week.

We got the four with a lot of good shots. We got a couple in early and they had to make some precise taps which is really difficult on this ice.

We hope we can do that one more time."


Canada Skip Alan O'Leary after a 5-3 win over Denmark said: "That was a good game, it was tight like we figured it would be, Denmark are a good draw team. We were able to get a two-point lead and hold on from there, but my guys played solid.

The final now...that's where we want to be, where we're supposed to be - not that we think that way - but that's where Canada thinks we should be. It's good to be there and hopefully we'll have a good game against the USA."


Canada Skip Lois Fowler after their 11-2 win over Sweden said: "It certainly is a good morning. We just came out playing well, we got up in the first end and we were fortunate to get that three in the first end and it set us up for the whole game.

You'd better believe we've got something left for the final! We've got lots left! We're just happy to be there and we hope we can keep playing the way we are."


Italy Skip Fiona Simpson said after their 7-6 win over USA that guarantees Italy a first-ever medal: "There are no words whatsoever...believe, always believe in yourselves and the team dynamics, stick to the game plan and just keep going.

We had a wobbly towards the end when we had bad technique and we were a little bit over-confident in the seventh end."

Speaking about the raise take-out by fourth player Grazia Ferrero to win in the eighth end: "That's one of her shots, she's done that more than once. I started off playing skip stones in the first game, but Grazia has more weight than me, and it seems to have worked."

"We're going to be exactly the same in the final - game-plan, focus, and just keep on going. We're just so proud. I may well have Scottish roots but this time I'm playing for Italy and I'm so proud of the girls because they have really done so well."

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