Quarter-final: Athlete Quotes


Canada Skip Alan O'Leary said after a 9-3 win over Sweden: "My boys played really good. We went after them straight off the bat. We got the hammer, so went after them in the first. We got a couple of breaks and the three in one was big.

That just gave us confidence and we just played on top of them. Their skip actually played very well.

He didn't have a whole lot but he made some great shots to keep them in there.

This is a nerve-wracking game for us because we want to make it to the medal round. If we'd lost this one it would have been sour.

Job done, now on to tomorrow morning."


Denmark Skip Ole de Neergaard after their 5-4 win over Scotland said: "I can't believe it right now, it's quite emotional. We were down in the first half and personally I thought I played poorly myself but we stuck together and I think it was a team win."


USA Skip Lyle Sieg 6-3 after a win over Ireland said: "We're really happy about being in the final day. Whatever happens tomorrow we're happy about being in it. We've worked hard to get to this spot.

It was tough on the Irish guys, playing three games in one day is not easy at our age, but they did well, they played well, and I'm happy to come out on the right side."

New Zealand

New Zealand Skip Hans Frauenlob after their 5-4 extra end win over Switzerland said: "Boy that was such an arm-wrestle it could have gone either way. It was a bit scrappy but we got some shots at the right time and we made a big choice to try to just defend the one and fortunately got away with it - that was a tight one.

We just wanted to play well and we thought if we could play well we could get ourselves into the thick of it at this point of the tournament.

The quarter-final game is always the nervy one - it's a delight to play on Saturday. We've steadily improved through the week and we're looking forward to tomorrow."

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