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With a last stone hit-and-stay, Ireland's skip Bill Gray scored three points to beat Australia by 7-6 in the sole men's Qualification Game that determined the last team to go onto the quarter-finals.

Even to get into this game, the Irish had earlier come from behind to beat the Czech Republic by 7-6 in a tie-breaker, and it was Australia who opened the stronger, scoring one point in the first end and then stealing two further points in the second for a 3-0 lead.

Ireland got onto the score board with two points in the third end, and then the teams took singles in the next three ends to tie the game at 4-4, with Gray having a nose-hit in the sixth end to score one point.

Australia then moved back into the lead with two points in the seventh end, only for Ireland to score three points in the eighth end for their win.

Ireland now face USA in the quarter-finals, while Scotland face Denmark; Canada play Sweden; and New Zealand face Switzerland.


Like the Irish men, the Italian women had to battle through a tie-breaker - beating England by 6-3 - to reach this stage of the competition.

They faced Finland with the prize being a place in the semi-final, and gave themselves a good start, scoring three in the first end. Finland could only score one in the second end and Italy scored two more in the third then followed that up with a steal of two in the fourth for a 7-1 half-time lead.

Finland scored two in the fifth end to reduce Italy's lead to 7-3 but Italy's fourth player Grazia Ferrero drew for one in the sixth and, when the Italians engineered a single-point steal in the seventh for a 9-3 score-line, the Finns conceded.

Canada faced Switzerland in this session and were 3-0 up after three ends, with a single point score in the first end and a steal of one point in the third end after the Swiss had blanked the second end.

Switzerland scored one point in the fourth end, but Canada moved further ahead with two points in the fifth end for a 4-1 lead. The teams swapped single points in the next two ends to give Canada a 5-2 lead going into the eighth end and, in that end, when Swiss skip Susan Limena's last stone hit but rolled out, the Swiss conceded.

The women's semi-final line-up will now see Sweden play Canada and Italy face the USA.

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