Qualification Games: Athlete Quotes


Canada Skip Lois Fowler, after a 5-2 win over Switzerland said: "Sometimes if you lose a game you just bear down a little deeper (round-robin loss to USA). An extra game was all we had to play and for us we said we'd treat it like a really good practice.

Switzerland is a fantastic team and that was a well-played game. We were two up and we were surprised when she drew for one in the fourth end, we thought she'd blank it.

But then we were able to get our deuce back on the fifth end. It was well-played and I'm not sure who we play next, but whoever, we're just going to go at it hard."


Italy Skip Fiona Simpson after a 9-3 win over Finland said: "What a surprise, beyond our goals, beyond our hopes even. We've played absolutely marvellously, and the team's been fantastic, they really have. Anything from here on - it's an honour to play with such teams.

"It hasn't sunk in yet, it's unbelievable. To think that we're in there with a possibility of winning a medal is unbelievable. It's not impossible.

We just stuck to our game plan - keep it simple, keep it clear and we just kept on battling on, but one step at a time, one stone at a time, that's what I've been taught."


Ireland Skip Bill Gray after a 7-6 win over Australia said: "We didn't start awfully well - just like this morning 7-6 (tie-break win over the Czech Republic) - but clawed our way back into it.

Even in the eighth end we weren't looking terribly great until I managed to freeze with my first one.

Hitting on this ice is not easy, the stones are moving around a lot.

We're just delighted. We're coming the hard way - the tourist routes somebody called it - we're still here and we're still fighting. The boys played really well today, really well.

We've reached goal number one, the quarter-finals and everybody now is three games away from the ultimate goal. We're all in this together and we'll see how we go."

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