Day 6: Athlete Quotes


Canada Skip Lois Fowler after a 12-3 win over Slovakia said: "We're in good shape. It would have been nice to be 5-0 but we just rolled a smidgen too far in that game against USA, but we're back in the swing of things and ready for play-offs.

Before we came our goal was to make play-offs, number one and we've had good games and good practices in the evening. The ice has been a challenge but we seem to be picking up on it OK.


USA second Mary Shields said after their 12-2 win over England: "That's the round-robin finished and we're in wonderful shape. This is a great team and we just want to keep it going now."

Skip Norma O'Leary added: "This place is unbelievable. I'll be truthfully honest I was a little bit reluctant, I don't know why. Last year I got to go to Scotland and play the Old Course at St Andrew's. I just thought there was no way I could have a better experience and honestly the organising committee here is unbelievable. We made it up to Sochi, we went to some markets, it's just been great."


Sweden Skip Gunilla Arfwidsson Edlund after their 5-4 win over Japan said: "That's very, very nice. This was a tough game on the end sheet. The ice was very difficult and they just made draw, draw, draw, so that was a tough match but we managed to beat them -they are a tough team to play."

"Now we have reached our second goal to go to the play-offs so now of course we want to medal."


Denmark Skip, Ole de Neergaard after a 14-1 win over Turkey said: "Yes that guarantees us top spot. Having six wins after six games - it couldn't be better, so now we can play a nice game in the afternoon against England. We don't know who we are going to face, but our expectation was to go to the quarter-finals, so anything from there will just be a bonus.

We'll take it as it comes."


Scotland Skip Gordon Muirhead, after their 7-4 win over Ireland said: "We were all up for that, I must confess. We thought we'd played better than our record shows because the two games we've lost we probably should have won. So we just thought we'll keep it going, keep the standard up and we'll be delighted. That's probably the best game we've played, so we're happy."


Following their 6-3 loss against England, Hungary's András Rókusfalvy said: "I think that they got an early advantage with taking the hammer. Then we just tried to keep up with them. In the beginning we were very focused, and we managed to even the game at 3-3. We made some mistakes, but we could have caught them, if we had been more confident."


John Summers, England Skip, said after their 6-3 win over Hungary: "We're delighted, it's a tall order from now on. We have to just hope the other result go our way and beat Denmark - no-one else has done that.

We're slightly disappointed. We identified the strong teams and we thought that against those strong teams we'd need to get two wins. We've not done that so far but we've got one strong team to play. Sometimes when you're already qualified (as Denmark are) you let your concentration slip, or you play well because you're free and easy - we'll see which Denmark team turns up tonight."

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