Day 5: Athlete Quotes


USA Skip Norma O'Leary said after their 6-5 win over Canada: "That was a big win for us and it feels pretty good. Right now we feel like we're at the top.

USA Third Linda Christensen added: "We hoped to be top of the pile and if we win tomorrow we will be."


England Skip Judith Dixon, after their 10-6 win over New Zealand said: "It was a good game and the girls played very well. We just had a bit of a wobble in the middle there but getting the six in the fifth end was a nice achievement. This has been a great experience and a wonderful place."


Italy Skip Fiona Simpson, after their 10-1 win over Slovakia said: "We started off a bit shaky at the beginning of the week when we played against Canada and that's always a bit worrying. But after that we settled in and made a change and I think it's beginning to work."

"If we win the next game then we have our objective which is to win more games than we lose and after that anything and we'll be very happy."


Scotland Skip Kay Gibb after a 5-8 loss to Sweden: "We were a bit slow out of the blocks giving away a three in the first end so we were always chasing after that. I was pleased with the girls, they didn't flap when we had our injury. We battled back for two or three ends there, but it was just too little too late."

"We need the curling gods to look on us nicely now, but it's unlikely."


Scotland Skip Gordon Muirhead, after a 5-6 extra end loss to Canada said: "That was just a couple of bad shots, a couple of slack shots. I was trying to hit and roll with my last one but it's strange because the ice straightened up quite a lot and we just didn't seem to catch onto it quick enough."

"That was a proper game of curling and I'm sure we'll meet them again...I hope."


Canada Skip Alan O'Leary, after their 6-5 extra end win over Scotland: "Scotland played well and we got a little bit lucky in the seventh end when he hit one a little too thin..anyway, we'll take the breaks."

"My boys are comfortable peeling on this ice which is really nice for the skip, it makes you confident calling the shots. I think that's us guaranteed top place in our section but we'll just keep rolling."


Following their 12-1 win against Turkey, England Lead Andrew Taylor said: "It was a relatively easy win. We really respect the Turkish players for putting together a team having only been playing for a few months. They did really well. We are very pleased that we all enjoyed the game."

England Second David Sillito added: "I think we were quite steady, and for a change we were putting stones to exactly where we needed to put them. Today I think we got it absolutely bang on. It makes a big difference."


Denmark Skip Ole DE Neergaard, after their 8-5 win over Hungary said: "We came good from the start, scoring four points in the first end. They got better and better but being four ahead, it was never really in doubt."

"We still have two matches and we need to keep being focused, because we are almost 99% sure that we are in the quarter-finals, but we need the remaining two points to get the first place and get an easier match in the quarter-finals."


Sweden Skip Gunilla Arfwidsson Edlund, after an 8-5 win over Scotland said: "We're in good shape now and we really did play well today. We've been able to learn the ice and the ice is getting better, so are the stones, so we feel more comfortable. We are content with what we've done so far so we can play with confidence now."

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