Day 4: Roundup


Session 13
Australia moved closer to Group A leaders USA with a 9-3 win over Germany in this session.

Hugh Milliken's men opened with a score of three points in the first end and never looked back - a score of two points in the third end was followed by a single point steal in the fourth end while a score of one point in the sixth end followed by a steal of two points in the seventh end were enough to seal the Australian win.

The Turkish men, making their debut at this level, will be pleased with their performance against Russia. Although they went down by 3-6 in their Group B game, this was clearly the most competitive score-line they have achieved yet.

Meanwhile, Denmark beat Sweden by 9-8, a fourth win that keeps them unbeaten at the top of Group B.

Sweden opened this game by scoring three points in the first end and it was only in the last two ends that the Danes finally got in front, scoring three points in the seventh end to reduce Sweden's lead to 8-7 and then stealing two points in the eighth end for the win by Poul-Erik Nielsen and his men.

Hungary gained their second win so far in another tight game, beating Norway by 6-5 - again, like Denmark, stealing in the final end for victory, this time with a single point.

Session 14
USA maintained their position at the top of Group C, now unbeaten after four games, with a 7-3 win over Finland.

Lyle Sieg's men started with a score of two points in the first end and then moved into a 5-2 lead by scoring three points in the fourth end. Another two points in the seventh end gave the USA their victory.

New Zealand kept themselves in the qualifying hunt with an 8-2 win over England.

After losing their first game, Hans Frauenlob's men have now won three successive match-ups. They opened strongly in this game, scoring two points in the first end and then carving out single steals in both the second and third ends to take a 4-0 lead.

A further two points in the fifth end and a steal of two points in the sixth end put the result beyond doubt.

Session 15
Canada were pushed all the way to an extra end by Ireland in this session before emerging as 6-5 winners.

In an action-packed game that saw Ireland skip Bill Gray off the ice for medical attention and the surface needing running repairs during the extra end, Canada's skip Alan O'Leary eventually had a nose-hit for one point to take the win that keeps his team on top of Group A, unbeaten after five games.

Canada are being chased hard by Scotland, who had a fourth win - by 6-3 over Italy - and these two teams clash in their Group's next session.

Also in Group A, the Czech Republic beat Japan by 8-6, meaning that both of these teams lie in mid-table, on two wins.

In the third Group A game, Latvia beat Kazakhstan, who are still looking for their first win, by 9-2.

In Group C, Germany and Switzerland met - both teams striving to stay in touch with USA and Australia, the top two teams in this Group.

Eventually Germany's skip Wolfgang Burba hit out a Swedish stone in the eighth end to score two points and win by 6-5.

Session 16
All three of the men's games in this session were one-sided.

USA beat Poland by 14-0 to stay unbeaten at the top of Group C while Australia beat Slovakia by 13-2 to stay right behind them.

Finland won the third men's game in this session by 14-0 over France and now currently sit in the third qualifying place in Group C.


Session 13
Canada continued their unbeaten progress at the top of Group B with a 10-2 win over England, with the real blow coming in the sixth end when Lois Fowler's Canadian women scored four points for an 8-2 lead.

Session 14
USA had a 9-3 win over Italy to keep their unbeaten record and maintain their position at the top of Group B, alongside Canada who sat out the session but share the same won four lost none record.

Norma O'Leary's Americans opened strongly - two points in the first end and three points in the third meant they were 5-1 up. They sealed their win with a steal of three points in the seventh end.

Wendy Becker's New Zealand team gained their first win of the week when they beat Slovakia by 10-5, helped by a steal of five points in the sixth end.

The Czech Republic beat Japan by 7-4 in a tight game that was only decided when Japan's skip Shizuko Funaki missed with her attempt to score two in the eighth end to force an extra end.

Instead, Czech's Ivana Kubeskova led her team to their second win to sit just behind Group A leaders Scotland and Sweden.

Session 16
In the two women's Group A games in this session, Switzerland beat Scotland by 6-2, scoring four points without reply in the first two ends and then completing their win when an umpire's measure gave them a steal of one point in the seventh end.

Finland opened their game with a score of three points in the first end and a single steal in the second on their way to a 7-6 victory, drawing her last stone into the house to score the one point needed for the win.

These results leave Sweden - who sat out the session- as Group leaders.

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