Day 4: Athlete Quotes


USA Skip Lyle Sieg after their 9-3 win over Finland said: "Another tough game. We haven't seen a team that doesn't belong in our pool, it's a pretty tough pool and that brings out the best in our team - absolutely."

"Every end we've had to stay sharp. I'm happy with the way we played today. Obviously 4-0 puts us in a good spot in the pool. We've played a bunch of the teams now, three more to go. We just need to keep the pedal on the gas and see if we can put ourselves in that position to qualify."

New Zealand

New Zealand Skip Hans Frauenlob said after their 8-2 win over England: "We're pleased with that. After dropping our first game we just need to keep winning to give ourselves a chance (of qualifying). We're really happy with how we're playing, that was a really solid performance."


Following their 6-5 win against Norway, Hungary's András Rókusfalvy said: "We were in a really good mood during the whole game, despite that the pressure was enormous. We managed to beat a very strong team, and we are very proud of this result. It was an asset that our alternate, who is the coach of the mixed double team, Zoltán Palancsa, could join us on the ice. He brought some new energy into the team."

"We were focused throughout the game, that's how we managed to score two in the 8th end and steal one in the extra end."


Canada Skip Alan O'Leary after their 6-5 extra end win over Ireland said: "They played well. I gave up a two in the third and that changed the momentum a bit, but we stole one in seven so that meant they had the hammer. But I told everybody to keep it clean and finish it off in the extra end."

"We're 5-0 so I think we're pretty close to being in the top three. Scotland will be a big game tomorrow, so we'll need to try to make sure we get first place. We're going to be up for that game. We've got Italy to finish, so hopefully we can just keep it going."


Scotland Skip Gordon Muirhead said after their 6-3 win over Italy: "We got a good start - a 100% first end and picked up a four but then you try to keep your focus so it turned out to be a pretty tedious game. But we're still playing all right so we're quite happy."

"I haven't seen much of Canada but if they've won the Canadian seniors they're no mugs, so I'm looking forward to it. Hopefully we'll do the double tomorrow (over Canada)."


USA Skip Norma O'Leary after their 9-3 win over Italy: "We were firing on all cylinders there. We maybe made a couple of sweeping mistakes but we're delivering well."

"We're settling down now and we're getting comfortable. It's taken us a bit of time to get to trust the ice, but we trust it now - it's predictable."

New Zealand

New Zealand Skip Wendy Becker said after their 10-5 win over Slovakia: "It's good to have a win under our belts. The girls all put in some very good shots - they made it very tricky for us and in the end we had to use our guards."

"Every game is a good game so there's always a bit of pressure in every game, but it's good to have the win, it does take the pressure off."

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