Day 3: Athlete Quotes



After their 8-7 win over Finland, Scotland Skip, Kay Gibb said: "It was very interesting. We were well in control in the first four ends and made some nice shots. I had a nice draw to steal the (third) end and that was the turning point for us."

"We're thereabouts - we're holding our own and that's good. We've got some tough games to come. It's another win on the board and I'm just delighted."

Czech Republic

Czech Republic Skip Ivana Kubeskova, after their extra end 9-8 win over Sweden, said: "That was our first win, and a it was a big success to beat Sweden. For us, they always are one of the big curling countries."

"In the extra end, Sweden almost had no chance. They played pretty well for the whole game but in the extra end we made it tough. Our guard was nearly perfect and she had no way to play a shot."


Following their 9-4 win against Switzerland, Sweden's Gunilla Arfwidsson Edlund said: "We started a little bit slowly, we had difficulties with the ice, but after a while we just managed to handle it better and better."

"At the end it turned out well. I think both teams played well, but their fourth player was a little bit hard on some draws, so we were lucky to have some points. I think that was the difference. Now we have tough matches left, but we'll just take them one at a time."


Following their 7-5 win against Japan, Finland's Kirsti Kauste said: "It was not our best game, we made too many mistakes. Our coach just told us that maybe he can say congratulations, but he is not happy about the things that we did."

"In the tough situations we had some good shots and I think that the Japanese didn't play as well as they could have played."



Finland Skip Kari Keranen, after a 14-6 win over Poland, which included a 6 in the fourth end: "That win was important."

Talking about the 6 in end four: "If you lose big ends you have to win big ends!"


USA third Tom Violette after a 7-3 win over Switzerland said: "That was just huge for us. To get to 3-0, we would have been happy at 2-1 I think. That's really put us in the driver's seat."

"Sochi is fantastic. I really didn't know what to expect - this is my first time in Russia and everything's been fabulous. Great hotel, great food, the atmosphere. The ice and the rocks have been tricky but we've stayed on top of it and it's helped us get three wins."


Following their 15-0 win against Turkey, Sweden's Anders Westerberg said: "I think Turkey is here to learn, and we also used the game to learn a few things about the ice that we were wondering about beforehand. We got our answers, and probably Turkey got a few too. We tried to keep the game up, the concentration up all the time. We were actually practicing doing freezes and the more advanced shots throughout the game."

He added: "Our loss against Hungary wasn't calculated, but you never know, the ice has been tricky in the beginning and Hungary solved that better than we did. It's our first world championship, and we didn't really have the grasp of the ice in the beginning, but now it's starting to be really good. 2-1 is still good, we are still in the race. We just have one goal now, and it's to qualify for the quarter-finals. We will see from there."

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