Day 2: Athlete Quotes


USA skip Norma O'Leary after their 8-5 win over Slovakia said: "That wasn't our best performance but we made just enough shots just to stay on the favourable side of the scoreboard.

"Actually, we feel pretty good out there - but we missed a few shots that we were planning on making."


Canada skip Lois Fowler, after their 11-1 win over New Zealand, said: "That was a nice win. There was a frost element out there tonight. You really had to be careful where you were playing and you certainly needed to have good rotation on the stones or it would cost you.

"Two wins so far but USA has two wins also. Anyhow it was a good game and it's all going according to plan, that's all we can say."


Sweden skip Gunilla Ardwidsson Edlund, after their 14-1 win over Finland, said: "A pleasing win, now we are even more happy. Today we played very well. We are learning a little about the ice now. Two wins we are satisfied, but we would like to win more."


Canada skip Alan O'Leary, after their 5-2 win over Czech Republic, said: "Good game. We adapted well and we're getting more comfortable with the ice with each game. The boys stayed on top of every end and we made them chase us. All round that was our best game so far.

"We seem to be a little slow out of the gate but now we're more in the comfort zone as to where to put the broom - all systems are go right now."


USA skip Lyle Sieg, following their 5-2 win over Germany, said: "That was a good game. We played well again and Germany's a really good team. They played shot for shot for most of the game.

"We kept a close game and we finally got break with one steal (in the fifth end) and that gave us the chance to be patient and make something happen with last rock.

"That's another important win. The guys are sweeping well. The ice is still swinging but it' readable, very consistent, very nice."


Australia skip Hugh Millikin after their 8-7 win over Finland said: "We looked like we had that game under control and then we missed a couple of shots and they made a lot of good shots.

"There are good and there are bad things about this kind of ice. There's lots of swing so you can bury rocks and it's tough.

"They played really well and we're lucky to get the win. Coming into the first two games - they're both tough teams, Switzerland and Finland. We knew they were going to be tough and I'd rather have two wins, but one and one is not so bad."


Sweden skip Anders Westerberg, following their 8-2 win over England, said: "The difference today was mainly our playing but the ice conditions were different too. Swingy enough, but I didn't have to stand outside (the rink) today!.

"Just before the fourth end break we got the three and then we could just clear and keep it simple.

"They (England) didn't have a great day and they made it easy for us.

"I think our performance is in the middle somewhere, but we could be a little bit better and now that we know what the conditions we will be."


Following their 8-4 loss against Russia, Hungary's skip András Rókusfalvy said: "We lost this game from a winning position. Even though they stole one point in the first end, afterwards we kept stealing one points through four ends.

"In the last two ends we made some mistakes, that's how they ended up scoring three in the seventh end. In the last end we needed to make a difficult take-out, and we missed it."

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