Day 1: Athlete Quotes

USA women

USA skip Norma O'Leary, following their 10-5 win over New Zealand, said: "It's always nice to get that first win. We just came back from the opening ceremony and you feel a little bit rushed but on the other hand you don't have a lot of time worrying about that first game either - you've just got to start playing. Now we definitely would like to get on the medal stand."

Canada women

Canada skip Lois Fowler, after their 11-1 win over Italy, said: "We're very pleased. We started a little slow, but overall we're very comfortable we just need to stay focussed. We're absolutely enthralled by Sochi. The opening ceremony was amazing - beautiful with all the costumes. We're just enjoying every moment."

Scotland women

Scotland's Barbara Gibb after their 7-3 loss to Japan said: "The ice was very challenging. You had to really judge your sweeping and we just didn't grasp the sweeping.

"We'll come on. The girls will have learned from it. We've enjoyed the experience and it's still an honour to represent Scotland. We'll grow from that, hopefully."

Ireland men

Ireland skip, Bill Gray, after their 9-1 win over Kazakhstan, said: "We've had a bit of a struggle getting here so it's nice to get onto the ice. We had a flight cancelled out of Moscow and we had to wait for a night, but it's good to get out on the ice, good to throw a few stones and get a good win. Our ambition is to come out of the round robin and beyond that we'll see what happens. But we want to play well."

Canada men

Canada skip Alan O'Leary, after their 5-3 win over Latvia, said: "This is a sigh of relief. More than anything, we came out just a little nervous. Latvia played great for the first few ends, but our coach gave us a tough talk after the fourth end, so we just got focused and had a couple of breaks. Basically we just want to make the play-offs. Ideally to get the top space, but we'd be happy with any of them."

Japan men

Japan skip, Shizuko Funaki, following their 7-3 win against Scotland, said: "I'm very happy now. All of our team members had a very nice draw weight, very much controlled. There was a dangerous situation when I had to draw against five rocks, but luckily I found the way, and scored one. We were lucky with that, but in general, we played well."

Scotland men

Scotland skip Gordon Muirhead, following their 8-4 win against the Czech Republic, said: "It's always good to get off to a good start. These teams - you should beat them nine times out of ten but they can end up as banana skins. But we played quite well today so we're happy."

Hungary men

Following their 8-6 win against Sweden, Hungary's skip, András Rókusfalvy said: "It was a really exciting game. I felt a lot of tension inside, it was hard even to swallow. The secret was that the whole team was extremely focused throughout the game. The ecstatic state of playing against world champs made us play in our best form."

Sweden men

Sweden skip Anders Westerberg, after their extra end 7-8 loss to Hungary, said: "We have a lot to learn when it comes to the ice. It swings a lot more than we're used to. We had trouble adjusting.

"We had more than ten feet draw and we didn't quite manage to get the stones where we wanted them. We didn't read the ice very well on my last stone. We had a chance to go round but we missed it. It was a very tight game."

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